RE: RARA-AVIS: My take on Block

From: Anders Engwall (
Date: 27 Nov 2007

I agree with Tapani and Juri on THE DEADLY HONEYMOON, though it was several years since I read it so I don't recall if the Swedish translation was to blame.


 I thought THE SPECIALISTS was even worse, however. At the time I read it, it struck me as being sort of like an episode of THE A-TEAM (no, really) except with plenty of very brutal violence and no humor (or entertainment value) whatsoever.


OTOH, the three titles reprinted by Hard Case Crime are all excellent.


At the moment I'm about three quarters into THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL. So far, so good. That's a very bleak and ugly picture of American society at the time
(1971) he paints there.




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