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Date: 27 Nov 2007

Hi All-- My point was that the "printed example" wasn't an example; I was not
"calling Brian to the mat" for anything, I'm genuinely interested and would really like the facts; I know perfectly well he was not the original poster; and any "twisting" happening here is yours, Terril.

Metta, Ivan

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> >Hi All--
> >I've never seen any compilation by Burroughs entitled that. A quick
> >google revealed multiple ERB bibliographic sites; I checked several,
> >and found no instances of "chronicle" anywhere, unless it happened to
> >mention Bradbury's book. The only instance that came up on
> > for author "Burroughs" and title "Martian
> >Chronicles" was to a single listing for "Gods of Mars, The - Martian
> >Chronicles, vol. 2", a 1979 Ballantine paperback. That subtitle was
> >never used for earlier Ballantine editions--I know, 'cause I had most
> >of them.
> >
> >Can you point me to a bibliographic reference that might give the
> publisher?
> >
> >Metta,
> >Ivan
> >
> Isn't one printed example enough to put this incredibly off-topic
> discussion to rest? Do we have to keep beating this poor dead Martian?
> Even if Brian had mistakenly confused the two different works (which he did
> not), he's not even the one who originally introduced Burroughs into the
> discussion (which seemed a little ridiculous at the time). He was merely
> riffing on the original post. Then all of a sudden he was being called onto
> the mat for bringing it up. Which he had not.
> It's kind of amazing how things keep getting so twisted about as of late on
> rara-avis. It almost seems like some form of madness.
> TL

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