Re: RARA-AVIS: Burroughs' "Martian Chronicles"

From: Patrick King (
Date: 26 Nov 2007

I, too, have read them all. I have the Balentine editions from the 1960s. I've never seen them packaged as "The Martian Chronicles." That is the name of a very famous Bradbury collection of stories so I'd expect Bradbury to have some trademark on the title unless Burroughs used it first, in which case Burroughs would have had a trademark. I know titles are pretty slippery.

Patrick King
--- sonny <> wrote:

> Yes, the Edgar Burroughs mars books at some point
> have been labeled and
> sold as 'The Martian Chronicles' with a volume
> number, as well as the
> original title.
> --- Jack Bludis <> wrote:
> > Boys, boys, play nice.
> >
> > I notice that when Brian said, Martian Chronicles,
> it
> > wasn't all caps. He may have referred to Burroughs
> saga of
> > Mars, which I think was several volumes or at
> least several
> > stories.
> >
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