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Date: 26 Nov 2007

Not to be picky, but as a counselor and former parole officer, I've had clients who got "government cheese" as well as canned foods from the local welfare office. That was in the early to mid-1990's. I don't know if welfare offices still distribute government food. Even if the program stopped in the mid-1990's, though, that's still a recent memory (10 years ago), not an anachronism for 2007.

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>I read the first couple of chapters last night. I'm happy to hear the
> psychiatrist comes into play in the story somehow, because it's
> annoying the hell out of me at this point. Also, did you notice the
> anachronistic language? There was a reference to a "government cheese
> line," in the first chapter, so I assumed the book was set in the
> past, since no one would actually reference that sort of thing now.
> Then in the next chapter, someone mentions a cell phone, which changed
> my mental picture entirely.

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