Re: RARA-AVIS: Language and storytelling

Date: 25 Nov 2007

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> p.s. to Lau: Winslow is terrific. The Power of the Dog is the best
> book I've read in the past few years and The Winter of Frankie Machine
> is not far behind.

thanks. the one in my queue is The Death and Life of Bobby Z, which I believe precedes the two you mention as part of a trilogy? at least, that's what I gleaned from reading the blurbs at Borders. otherwise I would've just bought Power of the Dog

Connelly's The Overlook was a roaring train of momentum, and pretty short @ 200 and a few pages for a contemporary thriller. very easy to read in one day. the bonus chapter he has on his website was superfluous

just started Crais' The Watchman

John Lau

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