Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: 361

Date: 24 Nov 2007

mrt wrote:

"My confusion came from looking (and not finding) Block on Hardcase."

You know, I think that might be because his sell so well. My local Borders shelves all of the Hardcase books together, in the mystery section under H. I know they got several of each of Block's titles when they first came out, but they were gone quickly. And I sporadically see his titles pop up again every now and then, but they never seem to be there very long. They are some of his best.

"About the Parkers, I wonder if they're out of print. There's an awful lot of them, though. Surely they can't _all_ be out of print?"

How many of them came out in the last reprinting, in Trade size? Four or five? Haven't seen one in a while. And it's been a while now since Ask the Parrot came out. Did it get a paperback reprinting? I've never understood why this incredible series ever goes out of print, much less for the long periods it sometimes has.


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