Re: RARA-AVIS: Language and storytelling

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Date: 22 Nov 2007

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> > For me, this is the essence of suspense. Who is the
> > best current
> > writer in this regard? Who spins out the best web of
> > suspense this
> > side of Spiderman?
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> Elmore Leonard. He may be the best who's ever lived.

I think that for suspense, Michael Connelly has to rank very high, and not just among his contemporaries. Here's a guy who, from his first book, seems to have all the technical tricks under his belt, including how to create unbearable suspense. I don't rank him as high in other aspects (characterization, for example), but for suspense, he's just plain great. I am not saying that suspense is the most important ingredient for a great hardboiled or noir novel, but it's a necessary ingredient... or else ZZZZZZZZ.



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