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Date: 20 Nov 2007


you and other rara-avis members are more than welcome at my pulp scanning group -

inspired by the scanning groups preserving comics, we've managed to pull together a small but dedicated band of scanners who are determined that digital records of pulps (as opposed to just the stories or art) survive. sci-fi, mystery, western, romance - it's all in the mix!

and if anyone has pulps to share with the group, that would be great!


On Nov 20, 2007, at 7:25 PM, Terry Sanford wrote:

> Thanks for the welcome.
> I'm collecting all of Detective Fiction Weekly and its
> predecessors and successors plus all the major digests
> like Queen, Hitchcock, Saint, Manhunt etc.
> Then I collect most other pulps by the author's
> stories, thanks to Cook & Miller's Mystery, Detective
> and Espionage Fiction, a great pulp index. The
> hard-boiled authors I collect are Daly, Hammett,
> Chandler, Norbert Davis, Frederick Nebel, H. McCoy, J.
> Allen Dunn, Judson Philips, Paul Cain, Wm. McGivern,
> Woolrich and many more.
> As a Bill Crider fan, I collect Richard Sale and Milo
> Ray Phelps plus Gardner's Lester Leith stories for
> humor also.
> For affordable pulps, I recommend Detective Fiction
> Weekly. Many of these can found in the $10 - 20 range.
> I wrote an article about these for Steve Lewis'
> Mystery File ezine. The article can be accessed at
> Did I join too late or was Robert Leslie Bellem's Dan
> Turner, Hollywood Detective, not mentioned in the
> hard-boiled parody list? Although these were pulps
> stories, there are a half-dozen or more book
> collections and a movie done in the last 10-15 years
> Terry Sanford
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