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Date: 20 Nov 2007

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> Couldn't agree with you more, mrt. Thornburg is a true original. A
terrific writer who appears to be nearly forgotten now. I know CUTTER AND BONE was reissued about a decade ago, but I think most of his other books are now out of print. Someone should come along and do trade paperbacks of all of them and get this guy the attention he deserves.

Sadly, it does look like he's forgotten. It's happened to several fine authors, including Willeford until he found new readers with the Hoke Mosely miniseries. From talking to people, I also fear that Ross Thomas is entering the "forgotten master" territory, a sad thing. When top people are being forgotten, I wonder what gives.

As to the movie of _Cutter and Bone_, I saw it only once and a long time ago but the memory is strong: classic, as you say.



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