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Date: 20 Nov 2007

The movie was entitled CUTTER'S WAY and the plot and the characters of the movie are not very similar to the book. Mark
--- Terrill Lankford <> wrote:

> > >
> >I just reread his masterpiece _Cutter and Bone_,
> after finding it in a
> >box of miscellaneous crime stuff. This has got to
> be one of the best
> >hardboiled novels of all time. This second time
> around it seemed even
> >better. I am going to have to revise my Top Ten to
> include it. It
> >deserves it. And the other Thornburgs are not far
> behind: not a
> >prolific author but one who worked at a very high
> level. You can file
> >Thornburg with Willeford, he's that good.
> >
> Couldn't agree with you more, mrt. Thornburg is a
> true original. A terrific writer who appears to be
> nearly forgotten now. I know CUTTER AND BONE was
> reissued about a decade ago, but I think most of his
> other books are now out of print. Someone should
> come along and do trade paperbacks of all of them
> and get this guy the attention he deserves.
> Thornburg didn't much like the movie made from
> CUTTER AND BONE, but it's on my top five movies of
> all time list. And it's how I discovered him as a
> writer. I think both the movie and the book are
> stone cold classics.

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