RARA-AVIS: The Back Alley Webzine ISSUE TWO is UP!

From: Racerick75@aol.com
Date: 19 Nov 2007

After an afternoon of wrangling with a pesky server, the second issue of THE BACK ALLEY WEBZINE, the Internet's home to hardboiled and noir short stories for a new century,?is finally up and running!

We're very proud of this issue. It contains a tough story from the Private Eye Writers of America/St. Martin's Best First PI Novel winner Keith Gilman; ezine editors Megan Powell and Bryon Quertermous; and fresh voices and stories from John Weagly and Warren Bull. We have a terrific historical/analytical piece from cultural historian Jess Nevins, and the first installment of a seven-part serialization of Frank Norris's turn of the (twentieth) century naturalistic noir masterpiece, MCTEAGUE.

Did I mention that the whole thing is FREE? Okay, the whole thing is FREE! The way real art ought to be!

It's all hot off the press at THE BACK ALLEY WEBZINE,? www.backalleywebzine.com .

Y'all drop 'round, how, y'heah? We'll keep a hot dripping candle in the broken window for you. R

Richard Helms http://richardhelms.net? THE BACK ALLEY WEBZINE www.backalleywebzine.com ?

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