RARA-AVIS: first chapter from Thuglit publisher

From: Dave Zeltserman ( dz@hardluckstories.com)
Date: 18 Nov 2007

Todd Robinson who publishes the crime fiction webzine, Thuglit, sent me the following link to the first chapter of a contemporary hardboiled book of his that's currently in a contest where I guess the winner is published by Borders. Anyway, I have no idea what the rest of the book is like, but I found the writing in this first chapter outstanding, and not just because it made me nostalgic for the old Rat in Kenmore Square
(Boston). I'm curious what other RARA-AVIANs think of this--especially the style of the writing. Anyway, here's the link:


On a completely unrelated noted-- I liked HBO's Pu-239 a lot--a really nice mixing of political thriller with Russian mob. The last scene with the two dumb-as bricks thugs one had me--and probably many other writers--envious as all hell. A single brilliant scene well worth watching the movie for all on its own.

--Dave Z.

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