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From: foxbrick (
Date: 17 Nov 2007

--- In, DJ-Anonyme@... wrote:
> Karin asked:
> "Speaking of archives, is somebody (if not Bill) going to be
keeping the
> Miskatonic archives going? They're a lot easier to get to and
> than the Yahoo ones.
> " stops at the end of
> September."
> Don't know if they're searchable, and I hope the miskatonic page
is kept
> up, but Oct and Nov are up there, even if their links aren't.
Here's a
> trick Bill mentioned some time ago, just add the year and two digit
> month after the above string.
> So October's page is at:
> And November's at:

And it's Bill's stated intention to keep the Miskatonic archives in place as long as possible or until some other better site is found.

Todd Mason

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