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Date: 17 Nov 2007

Hardboiled: Life's a piece of shit, but you can make a difference. Noir: life's a piece of shit, and that's it


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I haven't followed the whole discussion, but I've always sort of felt that "Hard-Boiled" was when the criminals were after your ass, "Noir" is when the criminals and the government are after you. Granted, that's simplistic, but it works for me. As far as allowing the outside world to intrude into the discussions, I've always felt that was unnecessary. Noir is defined by corruption and deceit. Anybody who feels that everything is going hunky dory would have no reason to write the stuff. Rather, the words are our defenses, or our weapons. Consequently, I'm looking forward to some great novels coming out of our national experience, these last several years. I just felt that no one had to go to the trouble to complete the dots, in this forum.

As far as the books with sexual themes, and those in that ill defined category of crime-sex books, well, I've never felt that it was uncharacteristic for brutal characters to have unenlightened attitudes about sex. In many of the PG novels I imagine that the heavies entertained themselves with many of the same activities, only off screen.

It's the nature of my own work that I search out not only a writer's lesser efforts, their literary defeats and unpublished manuscripts, but that I've tried to identify the books that they chose not to grace with their own names. My old friend Niven Busch used to counsel me ... and he counseled me all the time ... that you can learn a lot more about a writer from their failures than their masterpiece. The masterpieces fit into their own category, they are transcendent, seamless, and you can't perceive a writer's tricks. Any writer is lucky to have more than one masterpiece, if that, but we can all have our own favorites among their work.

David Laurence Wilson Downieville, CA

Watch for the latest of these uncovered efforts, masterpiece or not, with Gil Brewer's A Devil For O'Shaugnessey, out in January from Stark House

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