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From: dermdocsx2 ( dermdocsx2@cox.net)
Date: 16 Nov 2007

I have been a member of this list for about a year. I have mostly lurked and have greatly enjoyed the book and movie recommendations that have come from members. I have been particularly dismayed, however, by some of the negative tones that have come about over the last several months. And with Jim Doherty leaving, I feel I must say something: Members such as I, who am a fan but not a professional writer, have a great opportunity to benefit from the insights and knowledge of those who earn a living in this hardboiled field. I am continually excited to be reading posts from people whose work I enjoy, in no particular order, Duane Swierczynski , Vicki Hendricks, Charles Ardai, Bill Crider, Allan Guthrie, and Jim Doherty. To have Doherty quit this list is not something to be proud of. So here is my request: if you have a thought that is contrary to someone's stated position, by all means write your opinion. But reread what you've written, take a break, and read it again, and ask yourself if it is respectful, not condescending, and written in the spirit for which this forum exists; if so, then send it. If not, then see if you can make it so, and still get your point across. Normally, I wouldn't say anything, but I wouldn't want to lose any more great contributors like Doherty. Thanks for listening.

Patrick Lee

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> --- Richard Moore <moorich@...> wrote:
> > I completely agree about the ugliness of tone that
> > has increased of
> > late. Let me say that I am not referring to Jim
> > Doherty, as I
> > recognized it as schtick. Perhaps having met him a
> > few times helps
> > me do that. I do hope Jim returns as I am interested
> > in hearing his
> > opinions even when I disagree with them.
> >
> > It should be possible to discuss and, at times,
> > disagree without
> > competing to see who can come across as the biggest
> > jerk.
> ****************************************************
> Some posters apparently have a need to display their
> extreme knowledge of all things "hardboiled" & "noir"
> by replying to others' posts with sarcastic
> condescension. I doubt that most of us know each
> other, who we "are" or what we've accomplished. When
> one receives responses like these, one tends to reply
> in kind. Let's face it, few meeting others at a
> hardboiled convention would take a sarcastic
> condescending tact responding to a sincere
> observation, however naive. But the internet removes
> the possibility of a black eye from the equasion. It
> seems to me, the ones who complain most loudly about
> these flurries, are often guilty of making the
> statements that elicited the angry response. It's a
> case of, 'He started it; he hit me back first.' If we
> really want to stop these kinds of interactions, we
> need to agree to treat each other with mutual respect.
> Personally, I'm certainly here to learn, but I wasn't
> a neophyte when I arrived. I'll be happy to respond
> respectufully to respectfully worded comments and
> criticism. I suspect we all feel this way.
> Patrick King
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