Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: No off-topic politics here, please

From: Patrick King (
Date: 16 Nov 2007

--- Richard Moore <> wrote:

> I completely agree about the ugliness of tone that
> has increased of
> late. Let me say that I am not referring to Jim
> Doherty, as I
> recognized it as schtick. Perhaps having met him a
> few times helps
> me do that. I do hope Jim returns as I am interested
> in hearing his
> opinions even when I disagree with them.
> It should be possible to discuss and, at times,
> disagree without
> competing to see who can come across as the biggest
> jerk.
**************************************************** Some posters apparently have a need to display their extreme knowledge of all things "hardboiled" & "noir" by replying to others' posts with sarcastic condescension. I doubt that most of us know each other, who we "are" or what we've accomplished. When one receives responses like these, one tends to reply in kind. Let's face it, few meeting others at a hardboiled convention would take a sarcastic condescending tact responding to a sincere observation, however naive. But the internet removes the possibility of a black eye from the equasion. It seems to me, the ones who complain most loudly about these flurries, are often guilty of making the statements that elicited the angry response. It's a case of, 'He started it; he hit me back first.' If we really want to stop these kinds of interactions, we need to agree to treat each other with mutual respect. Personally, I'm certainly here to learn, but I wasn't a neophyte when I arrived. I'll be happy to respond respectufully to respectfully worded comments and criticism. I suspect we all feel this way.

Patrick King

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