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From: Richard Moore ( moorich@aol.com)
Date: 15 Nov 2007

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> And I would like to thank the poster who warned about Don Siegel's
> _The Lineup_ on Turner. I watched that and, before, a minor but quite
> interesting 1958 film, _Stakeout on Dope Street_. Nice introductions
> by Ellroy. The Lineup is an outstanding film, classic Siegel, a
> masterfully cold narration of hot events. Fantastic. I shudder to
> think of what Pauline Kael thought of Siegel!
> Best,
> mrt

I also watched "The Lineup" for the first time and enjoyed it immensely. Very well acted and directed, I thought Robert Keith was a standout as the mentor of killer Eli Wallach who collects the last words of Wallach's victims. One sidenote, the actor who did the nice turn as the guy who fingered the passengers with heroin hidden in their luggage was Robert Bailey. Bailey was the star of radio's "Your's Truly, Johnny Dollar," the last hardboiled radio series and one of the best.

Richard Moore

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