Re: RARA-AVIS: James Ellroy's film picks on TCM, was Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

From: sonny (
Date: 15 Nov 2007

I saw the first 2, Stakeout and Murder By Contract. I loved Murder. Vince Edwards was great as the hitman and Herschel Bernardi and Phillip Pine were too good, freakin' hilarious. Ellroy was very cool talkin before and after the films, about bein stuck in L.A. in 1958 (both films were from
'58 and took place in L.A.)

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> > TL wrote:
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> > "Filmmakers have been messing with story telling structure for a very
> > long time."
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> > One word: Rashomon.
> And another couple of words: Eisenstein, Vertov.
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> > And thanks to those who recommended Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
> > (which has its own time shifting). Wow!
> >
> I'm very eager to see this with my kids, who are both hardboiled and
> noir fans and had already gotten word...
> And I would like to thank the poster who warned about Don Siegel's
> _The Lineup_ on Turner. I watched that and, before, a minor but quite
> interesting 1958 film, _Stakeout on Dope Street_. Nice introductions
> by Ellroy. The Lineup is an outstanding film, classic Siegel, a
> masterfully cold narration of hot events. Fantastic. I shudder to
> think of what Pauline Kael thought of Siegel!
> Best,
> mrt

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