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Date: 14 Nov 2007

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> > Okay, but PULP FICTION actually used the same
> > sequencing trick Jarmusche used in MYSTERY TRAIN.
> As
> > far as I know, that sequencing angle: showing the
> > climactic moment from two or more different points
> of
> > view and ending it on the indirect one, is unique
> to
> > Jarmusche.
> >
> it is however, a common technique in novels.
> Elmore Leonard does it, or at
> least used to. Eugene Izzi made a career out of it

********************************************** Yes, I agree with you on this. As I've said earlier, the movie, PULP FICTION, owes also a great deal in terms of plot, characters & dialogue to Elmore Leonard. It's actually a brilliant take-off of his work.

Patrick King

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