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Date: 12 Nov 2007

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> I just Googled Eight Million Ways to Die, and I found out there was a
> movie made in 1986, directed by Hal Ashby with a screenplay by Oliver
> Stone and starring Jeff Bridges as Scudder. I've never heard of this
> movie before. Does that mean it was buried because it was no good, or
> is it worth watching?

I've got a copy of Stone's script that was actually pretty true to the book.
 I had never read Block before. Stone's script is actually what got me started

the movie that got made was transplanted to L.A., and Scudder became a member of the L.A. County Sheriff's office. Andy Garcia is the bad guy. Rosanna Arquette I believe, plays an annoying shrew (go figure) . there's a lot of screaming IIRC. it's not Block's Scudder, which is okay if it works on its own terms. my recollection is that it doesn't. Hal Ashby, talented as he was, was not a crime or thriller director. I suspect someone came in and rewrote after Stone, but not enough to get credit

Billy Friedkin's To Live and Die In L.A. has been playing a lot on cable lately. when it came out I was disappointed because of how much it veered away from Gerald Petievich's excellent novel. later, I came to appreciate the film on its own terms. watching it now, the posturing seems a bit dated

John Lau

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