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Date: 12 Nov 2007

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> John Lau wrote:
> "I posted about it a couple of days ago.   it's as good a crime film as is
> possible to make.   well-plotted, suspenseful, uncommon depth of
> characterization and noir as noir can be."
> That "as good as is possible to make" is a hard one to live up to. As good
> as Chinatown or Pulp Fiction, then?

I love Pulp Fiction, but do you really think it's as timeless as Chinatown? these two films vary widely in tone and scope. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead isn't epic like Chinatown, but the film is about its story. Pulp Fiction, like all of Tarantino's work, is a cinematic regurgitation. completely self-conscious

Devil is contemporary noir. in the Bludis sense. not the Doherty. it's about guys whose lives have eluded their grasp, and in a desperate attempt to get back on top, fuck things up for good

who here is not down with that?

John Lau

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