Re: RARA-AVIS: Chandler vs. Altman

From: Channing (
Date: 12 Nov 2007

With Kansas City Altman proved he could do period. And with The Player he proved he could do noir. But with Long Goodbye he did neither.

I admire Altman's creativity and willingness to experiment, but on Long Goodbye I feel he missed the point. I also feel Gould was mis-cast and I disliked various changes to the plot of the book. And I hated how Gould was such a chump that he loses every argument, even one with a cat.

I am aware that the critical consensus is that The Long Goodbye is a great film, I disagree and I'm in the minority. But even if it's a
"classic" film it's a bad interpretation of Raymond Chandler.

And I suggest that with films like Popeye, OC and Stiggs, and Pret a Porter that Altman missed his target by a long shot and that it's not beyond the realm of possibility that he could've missed on Long Goodbye as well.


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