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Date: 11 Nov 2007

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> Patrick King wrote:
> I don't dismiss Hornung at all. I love Hornung. But
> his books are our of print.
> Barry Perowne, an outstanding writer, seems to be all but
> forgotten.Occasionally one of his stories will appear in an
> anthology, but I bet his name has little recognition.
> Marvellous writer. I was thinking of this oblivion phenomenon
> the other day, while rereading a collection of short stories >
(not crime stories) by the great A.E. Coppard, another
> English master living with the cobwebs except for the
> occasional appearance in an anthology for students... Tough
> luck.
Good points. I wonder how a dead writer's creative output is kept out front for the modern reading public? Certainly the writer's surviving spouse and/or family (i.e., literary estate) might continue selling/publishing the work. And as you mention, anthologies are a way. The Internet sites have kept books around. Forums like Rare-birds can do the job. Academia might adopt an author (not necessarily crime fiction writer) into its
"canon". Movies based on a dead writer's novel might revive a short interest (Charles Williams' DEAD CALM and HOT SPOT). I agree, it's tough luck.


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