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Date: 10 Nov 2007

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> >Says Hunter:
> >
> ><<Nobody goes to the movies for the irony. They go for the satisfaction.>>
> Hmm . . . so I guess Hunter wouldn't be a big fan of movies like "The
> Postman Always Rings Twice"?

without having read his review but most of his books, I'd say Hunter probably prefers films like "The Kingdom". he's big on gunfire

I saw Sidney Lumet's new crime thriller "Before the Devil Knows Your Dead" last night. very similar to the experience one gets reading one of Jason Starr's claustrophobic New York noirs. story concerns the character motivations that led up to a botched jewelry heist, and the fallout that lands on the principals in its aftermath. told in a non-linear fashion, it's easy to follow since it has chapter sub-titles. it actually has more of a novelistic structure that keeps returning to the same places and times

the characters have a life and depth that goes way beyond most crime thrillers, on a par with heavy character dramas, not surprising from the director of over 67 films that include Q & A, The Verdict, Prince of the City, Network, Equus, Murder on the Orient Express, Serpico, The Anderson Tapes, and 12 Angry Men. script is the first produced work of Kelly Masterson. the outstanding cast features Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, Albert Finney, Marisa Tomei and Rosemary Harris. Amy Ryan, who plays the mother of the lost little girl in Gone Baby Gone has another strong turn here as Hawke's estranged wife

the opening scene gets your attention IMMEDIATELY. the ending is as noir as it gets, which comes as no surprise since it becomes apparent early on there ain't no way these poor suckers will ever see a happy ending. it will be a rare bird on this list who doesn't love this film

John Lau

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