RARA-AVIS: Men's Journal 15 Best Thrillers Ever Written

From: T. Kent Morgan ( tkmorgan@shaw.ca)
Date: 10 Nov 2007

The December issue of Men's Journal has an article written by Jonathan Miles titled Crooks, Spies and Private Eyes that I thought would interest some list members. Miles has selected his 15 best thrillers ever written. I'll let Miles, the International Thrillers Writers Association and list members debate what qualifies as a thriller. Couldn't find a link to the list so here is it in his countdown from 15 to 1.

15. Havana - Stephen Hunter 14. Red Lights - Georges Simenon 13. From Russia With Love - Ian Fleming 12. The Last Good Kiss - James Crumley 11. Hard Revolution - George Pelecanos 10. The Thirty-Nine Steps - John Buchan 9. Dog Soldiers - Robert Stone 8. The Deep Blue Goodbye - John D. MacDonald 7. Freedomland - Richard Price 6. The Great Escape - Paul Brickhill 5. The Tears of Autumn - Charles McCarry 4. The Big Sleep - Raymond Chandler 3. Kill Shot - Elmore Leonard 2. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold - John le Carre 1. Rogue Male - Geoffrey Household

Let the discussion aka debate begin.

Kent Morgan

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