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From: jacquesdebierue ( jacquesdebierue@yahoo.com)
Date: 09 Nov 2007

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> As I've said here before, I've never been a fan of Block and haven't
> for the two Scudder novels I read (I think I only tried to read the
> But I really liked the two Tanner novels of him, now, let's see, I
> they were THE CANCELED CZECH (even the title makes me smile) and
> They are spy novels, but there's a tone of parody in them.

I second this. One of the things I most like about Block is his outrageous sense of humor, which he can express with a couple of well-placed words. If you go into Tannerland expecting ultrahardboiled, ultraserious action, you may be disappointed. But if you can relax into it, it's very enjoyable. Like others, I came late to this series. One description for the Tanner books is a cross between the adventure Gold Medals by Aarons and some of the farce of Richard Prather. In my opinion, the mix works well.

It's not that common to find successful humorists in the hardboiled constellation, but Block is one of them (like Westlake and Leonard, notably).



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