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Date: 08 Nov 2007

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> is
> not a genre book, what is it?

Actually, I agree with you for the most part. I guess I'm one of those people who believe some books actually do transcend the genre. Apparently, so did Chandler if that quote of his that was posted wasn't taken out of context. (I doubt that it was, it's just that I haven't read the piece it was taken from.) I don't see Graham Greene as a genre writer although he did write using story lines common to any number of genres. (Is Journey Without Maps travel genre?) It was the problem that I had with Ian Rankin. It stank of genre. The very sound of the sentences was so formulaic, so predictable in structure and even length. It's a problem that I have with a lot of writers. Perhaps I'm looking for different things.
(That is not meant to sound in any way like the babblings of a elitist -- now that is a hysterical thought -- but rather I have no interest in readings Jim Thompson's Ironsides novel or Christa Faust's novels based on Freddie Kruger or that other one that she did. I've read almost everything else by Thompson and am looking forward to Faust but my interest is not in having read an entire catalog if the particulars don't interest me.) So, if you want to say that Carre is a genre writer, that's just jake with me. Some of his books are better than others and one of them is really, really good.

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