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Date: 08 Nov 2007

Hmm.... Wasn't BLACK MASK the main publisher of "Coon Noir"? ;)
  I remember a childhood friend who was very proud of his pet raccoon, and brought it out to show a bunch of us neighborhood kids --- it sat on his shoulders, and he fed it a coupla bits of fruit, as he beamed pride.
  We all "Oooo"-ed and "Ahhhh"-ed for awhile, and some of us cautiously pet it.
  Then, he turned to head back to the house, and the animal (which also had its back to us, perched on the kid's shoulder) shat projectile diarrhea, quite a lot of which poured down the kid's back...
  Poor thing -- and poor kid, who went from over-joy to embarrassed tears in a split-second!
  Anyway, thanks folks, for a great guffaw to start the morning!
  Ciao for niao,

"Mark R. Harris" <> wrote:
          Wisconsinite Sterling North published his boyhood memoir Rascal: A Memoir of a Better Era, in 1963, and because of the book's immense popularity, followed it up with a second raccoon book, Raccoon are the Brightest People, in 1966. That one had lots of photographs. It is worth noting that, like my own raccoon, North's Rascal chooses to return to the wild at the end of the book.

An excellent book for those interested in accounts of people's experiences with adult pet raccoons (and many, many other species) is Robert Franklin Leslie's Wild Pets, published in 1970.

I always wanted a pet skunk, but never had that experience. However, after a lifetime with different animals, I can say that dogs and cats do indeed make the best pets, with rabbits, ferrets, and birds of the parrot family close behind. Wild animals and "fad" pets (such as potbelly pigs) are unpredictable pets and not as affectionate as the most popular domestic pets can be.

Mark Harris

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