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From: Patrick King (
Date: 08 Nov 2007

Well, I hear you. They had to play down the pornography angle as pornographic pictures of Carmen Sternwood are the mcguffin in the tale. They also made Eddie Mars the villian and killed him at the climax of the movie, so you kind of lose the answer of what happened to Sean Regan, which is the real climax of the book. I think its a good script taking the limits of the time into account. William Faulkner wrote it, didn't he? Remember they also took out the part in THE MALTESE FALCON when Spade makes Brigid strip naked in front of Guttman, Cairo & Willmer. Those were different times. I think a remake of THE BIG SLEEP is in order as long as Hollywood sets it in 1940 era Los Angeles and cast Sean Penn or George Clooney, someone credible, as Marlow. It would be gratifying to see a more faithful film version. But those lines between Bogard & Becall! It's worth watching that movie just to see them go after each other.

Patrick King
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> --- Ed Lynskey <> wrote:
> > >
> > > Oh, no, not this again! Hawk's THE BIG SLEEP
> with
> > > Bogart & Bacall is very good.
> > >
> > I agree. Bogie and Bacall were good in THE BIG
> > SLEEP. Didn't
> > Mitchum play Marlowe in some P.I. movies?
> >
> It may be a good vehicle for Bogie and Bacall but I
> think the story and the film suffered as a result.
> So,
> it may be a good film for that reason but it isn't
> --
> in my opinion -- a good Chandler film.
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