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Date: 08 Nov 2007

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>Subject: RARA-AVIS: Raccoons
>I seem to remember there are a couple of books about someone having raccoons as
>pets. Were the books by Sterling North? From the early sixties, perhaps late
>fifties? The pictures in the books are really cute, makes you want to have one
>- a raccoon, that is.
>Not very much on-topic, though...

Not on-topic? Raccoons wear bandit masks, travel in violent gangs, break into houses and garages, steal like crazy and even take their young children with them on heists to train them in their nefarious ways. Two of them beat up my cat last week just because he looked at them funny while they were eating his dinner. (But I still like raccoons - and possums, who, btw, do not smell bad at all when they are house trained.)

But the real question is, "Are raccoons' lives hardboiled or noir?"

(I anticipate some cooking jokes in response here. Savages.)

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