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Date: 07 Nov 2007

I once raised a baby raccoon for re-release to the wild. Unlike some wild animal babies which can never be returned to the wild, raccoons re-acclimate quite easily. I had the raccoon for about a year. He was awfully adorable as a baby -- rode my shoulder, felt my face with his little hands, etc. As a male raccoon approaches sexual maturity, he does become more snappish and aggressive. I could tell that my dog and cat were becoming nervous around him. So it felt natural that the raccoon would eventually prefer the wild. After taking him out to a forest grove a couple of times, he decided to scurry up a tree and would not come down despite my calling him repeatedly. I took that as a good-bye.

Some people of course have had mature raccoons as pets, but I'll tell you, those hands can get them into a lot of trouble. I'd keep my refrigerator locked, for one thing!

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> > > enjoyed riding their motorcycles together.
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> > And they shared the apartment with a pet racoon.
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> Yes, and reports are that Wally Cox hated that raccoon and
> eventually moved out because of the pet.
> Both the Cox and Brando entries on IMDB say that Brando had
> possession of Cox's ashes for decades (having received them from
> Cox's widow). Brando was also cremated and his son says at his
> father's request his ashes and Cox's ashes were scattered together
> in Death Valley.
> Oddly touching. But...a stray nook or cranny of my brain wonders
> what happened to the raccoon. Is that perverse to wonder about?
> Perhaps, mildly weird to wonder about the raccoon...they are very
> clean animals--washing all their food--but also very aggressive even
> when not rabid which they seem to be with some regularity. I learned
> as a child that one should never give a raccoon a sugar cube as they
> will become frustrated as the treat disappears as they compulsively
> wash it. I think it is the mask that gives the raccoon a bit of a
> sinister aura and, perhaps, makes it a more likely companion for
> actors--more likely than, say, its fellow nocturnal creature the
> possum.
> Richard Moore

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