RARA-AVIS: Re: Tie-ins and such

From: Richard Moore ( moorich@aol.com)
Date: 07 Nov 2007

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> Cox and
> > Marlon Brando were great friends and roommates for a
> > time and
> > enjoyed riding their motorcycles together.
> And they shared the apartment with a pet racoon.
> William

Yes, and reports are that Wally Cox hated that raccoon and eventually moved out because of the pet.

Both the Cox and Brando entries on IMDB say that Brando had possession of Cox's ashes for decades (having received them from Cox's widow). Brando was also cremated and his son says at his father's request his ashes and Cox's ashes were scattered together in Death Valley.

Oddly touching. But...a stray nook or cranny of my brain wonders what happened to the raccoon. Is that perverse to wonder about? Perhaps, mildly weird to wonder about the raccoon...they are very clean animals--washing all their food--but also very aggressive even when not rabid which they seem to be with some regularity. I learned as a child that one should never give a raccoon a sugar cube as they will become frustrated as the treat disappears as they compulsively wash it. I think it is the mask that gives the raccoon a bit of a sinister aura and, perhaps, makes it a more likely companion for actors--more likely than, say, its fellow nocturnal creature the possum.

Richard Moore

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