RARA-AVIS: Re: Tie-ins and such

From: Richard Moore ( moorich@aol.com)
Date: 06 Nov 2007

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> Juri,
> Re Richard's comments below:
> > Actually, this is not correct in several ways. Whitman
> > Company was doing TV series based novels before any of Deming or
> > Prather Dragnet books. For example, there was ANNIE OAKLEY IN
> > DANGER AT DIABLO published in 1955 featuring a photo of the
> > star (Gail Davis) on the cover. I would expect there were
> > even earlier.
> Another example, from the same year, was a novel based on the TV
> sitcom, MR. PEEPERS, credited to the show's star, Wally Cox. It
> published in both harback and trade paper editions by Simon and
> Schuster. Unlike the Whitman books, this one was pitched at
> Tie-ins and novelizations weren't as ubiquitous as now, perhaps,
> they were part of the publishing scene almost as soon as
> was. And, as I said, if you count other kinds of dramatic
> even before television.

Now that you mention it Jim, I have that MR. PEEPERS book and recall enjoying it. I think Simon and Schuster published it. I always rather liked Wally Cox and perhaps he even wrote the thing. Cox and Marlon Brando were great friends and roommates for a time and enjoyed riding their motorcycles together. Yes, I know...perhaps...so what...I liked them both.

Richard Moore

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