Re: RARA-AVIS: Lawrence Block & Pulp Erotica

Date: 05 Nov 2007

Rob wrote:

"All of the names you cite with the exception of Crowley & Evans (never heard of those before, but that might be my ignorance) are confirmed Block bylines."

Thanks Rob.

I looked over my notes from my last trip to hte LoC several years ago and Crowley and Evans are identified as Block pseudonyms (as opposed to psuedonyms without the true author being specified, which is far more comon in the catalog):

I Sell Love by Liz Crowley (A Monarch Human Behavior Book), 11/7/60

Strange are the Ways of Love by Lesley Evans, Crest, 11/16/59

As a curious note, that places both (and only these two) before Mona
(2/28/61), Block's official "first book."


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