Re: RARA-AVIS: Work Through This

Date: 05 Nov 2007

Kevin wrote:

"t's not the guy with the gun who's necessarily hard-boiled; it's the guy who stands up to the guy with the gun and doesn't flinch who's hard-boiled."

This really comes through in the scene where an unarmed Sam Spade walks into his apartment to find an armed Cairo and Wilmer, who carries two guns. By the end of the scene, Spade has all three pistols (and has previously disarmed both of them). Does he point them at his visitors? No, he simply puts them down on the table next to him. That's tough.

And where does this idea come from that Mike Hammer is simply a wind up toy who shoots bad guys? I'm not a fan on his, but he certainly has feelings and has to work through personal problems. Which is the book where he starts off a drunk and has to sober up to save Velma? Isn't that just the kind of dealing with booze that Patrick complained about?


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