Re: RARA-AVIS: Lawrence Block & Pulp Erotica

Date: 05 Nov 2007

I mentioned in passing that I will be going down to the Library of Congress later this month to look up some Block pseudonyms.

I've got a list of names I've checked before (several are confirmed by him, the rest are pretty certain):

Chip Harrison Jill Emerson Sheldon Lord Paul Kavanagh Liz Crowley John Warren Wells

I've got a few more I've seen tossed around since then:

John Dexter Andrew Shaw Dr. Benjamin Morse Lesley Evans

So here's my question: I'd appreciate any additional names I should check. Or specific titles. I've learned from past experience that they are not always cross indexed.

So please send me any possibilities in the next two weeks or so before I have the time to get there during a weekday (Copyright Card Catalog is only open during the day on weekdays).


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