Re: RARA-AVIS: The definition of classic

From: Patrick King (
Date: 04 Nov 2007

--- Michael Robison <> wrote:

> I don't really mind if your definition of what is
> on-topic varies from mine. But I do mildly object
> to
> your repeated censuring of what I and several others
> (many of them long-time members) do find on-topic.
> I
> have made an attempt to keep the topic in the
> subject
> line, even as it shifts. I humbly request that you
> simply don't read them.


I have to agree with Miker here. This rigid concept of what is "on topic" and what is "off topic" is crippling to real communication, which any board is about. Like real-life conversations, these threads twist and turn. If you find one going on a tangent that doesn't interest you, stop reading it. I do all the time. But yelling "fowl" and "off topic" inspires post like this which really are off topic but need to be said.

If someone jumps into the middle of a thread trying to sell their book or their car or their refrigerator, that's off topic and they should be and will be shut down. But if a conversation veers in a direction which is less interesting to you, roll with it. There've got to be 15 threads here running all the time. Some other thread will have interest for you. Please don't inhibit our conversations. You can alway, yourself, bring them back to the course you're interested in with a pertinent comment. Censorship is a bore.

Patrick King

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