RARA-AVIS: Re: Gault

From: David L. Wilson ( dwilson@sccn.net)
Date: 04 Nov 2007

I can't resist the chance to add a comment about Bill Gault. Anyone who has enjoyed his crime novels should also try his young adult sports novels. Excellent work. Bill had always written a lot of stories for the sports pulps, and when he wrote the novels his heart poured out all over his sleeves. I met William R. Cox through Gault, and the two of them had frequent conversations via telephone. For entertainment, they argued. Cox always felt he had the upper hand because he was taller than Gault. Gault didn't particularly care. Years back, at a Bouchercon in San Francisco, the western pulp writer Tommy Thompson was coincidentally also at the host hotel for an anniversary trip with his wife. I got Thompson and Gault together and watched as they took turns imitating Cox, another lion, and certainly one of the great producer of pulp wordage. Gault was direct, honest, and uncommonly poetic and those qualities are there in everything he ever wrote.

David Laurence Wilson

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