RARA-AVIS: Re: Lawrence Block month -- Matthew Scudder

From: hardcasecrime ( editor@hardcasecrime.com)
Date: 03 Nov 2007

> In fact, he sidestepped the issue in the
> next book, by setting When the Sacred
> Ginmill Closes in the past when Scudder
> was still drinking. This is also the book
> that introduces his buddy Mick Ballou, an
> Irish gangster who appears in varying
> degrees in most of following 16 books

I'm going to be very embarrassed if I get this wrong, but isn't Mick's first appearance in the following book, OUT ON THE CUTTING EDGE? Since SACRED GINMILL is told entirely in flashback and Mick is part of Matt's post-drinking life, it's improbable to me that Mick appears in GINMILL.


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