RARA-AVIS: Re: crossover appearances

From: Richard Moore ( moorich@aol.com)
Date: 03 Nov 2007

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> Richard wrote:
> "As is often the case, no one jumps out with an immediate question
> for friends I like to jump into the silence and give them
something that
> will stimulate conversation."
> Isn't that also how you got into trouble with Evan Hunter? I hope
> wore tasty shoes those days, as often as you put your foot in your
> mouth.
> I always enjoy these stories of yours.
> Mark

Yes, it was pretty much the same with Hunter except Bill Gault knew he was hanging me out to dry but he couldn't resist the laugh. It was shortly after those two episodes--both in the early 1980s--that I had the opposite happen to me. I was serving a term as president of the Senate Press Secretaries Association and one of my duties was to obtain luncheon speakers and introduce them. Most were journalists and gave a short, usually very short, talks and took questions. I had obtained conservative columnist James J. Kilpatrick as the guest speaker. Although pretty much forgotten today except for the Saturday Night Live parodies of his 60 Minutes debates, Kilpatrick was a saavy old bird. He spoke for about ten minutes and then called for questions. No one moved or uttered a sound and for once, I didn't leap into the silence. Just before it became unbearable, James J. turned my way and fixed a stare on me that I felt like a physical jolt. I remember it like yesterday as he got a little smile on his lips and a bright light in his eyes and pointed at me with his right hand.

"Richard," he said at the moment his descending point drew a bead on my forehead. As everyone had been watching him, they assumed I had given him a little wave to indicate I had a question. My mind was completely blank but as I rocked forward, one came to me and I asked it and the rest of the session was quite lively.

In some ways it was more nervewracking than the other two experiences and since then I've tried to always have a question laid- by in case I might need one.

Richard Moore

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