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Date: 03 Nov 2007

In a message dated 11/2/07 1:18:19 PM, writes:
> > not only do all of Connelly's characters exist in the same universe,
> Elvis
> > Cole has appeared in an unbilled cameo in one.   and Bosch has done
> the same in
> > one of Crais' Elvis Cole novels
> >
> > John Lau
> JL: Can you inform me of which one? I have tried my damdest since I
> was 18 year old to get into the Elvis Cole books, but have failed to
> do so. It stands to reason that I would miss a cameo in the Connelly
> books.
> Maybe this will help me give EC another chance?

well, the Bosch was LOST LIGHT, I think- the one where Harry has quit the force and is working as a P.I. and is written in the first person, and reads like Raymond Chandler with a plot. it was published in 03

so... in 03, Crais published THE LAST DETECTIVE. so it's probably that one

both characters live in the Hollywood Hills. in one of the books, I don't remember which, they pass each other at an intersection and wave

John Lau

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