RARA-AVIS: Jonathan Latimer

From: T. Kent Morgan ( tkmorgan@shaw.ca)
Date: 01 Nov 2007

Bruce wrote:
"That was Solomon's Vineyard it was also under the title of The Fifth Grave. It was the book I championed in the rap sheet over looked one year post. I just wish I had a better copy then the grey area reprint I own."

I have two copies of Solomon's Vineyard. The first is a Pan edition published in 1961 in London. Solomon's Vineyard was first published in 1941 by Methuen and Co. and there is nothing to indicate that my Pan edition is not the same as the original. I also have a copy published by International Polygonics Ltd. of New York City in 1988. It states that it is the complete and unexpurgated edition and the first to be published in a trade edition in the US. According to the publisher, a 326-copy limited edition was published in California in 1982. He mentions that they first learned about the novel's existence in an essay written by Art Scott in 1001 Midnights (Arbor House 1986). William DeAndrea wrote the introduction for the 1988 publication.

Kent Morgan

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