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From: Bruce Grossman (
Date: 29 Oct 2007

Miller has stated Ebony is not going to be in the film

On Oct 29, 2007, at 7:14 PM, wrote:

> Curt asked about my laughing with or laughing at comment about Sin
> City:
> "Why 'laugh'? Why assume the reaction will be negative? Are the
> hardboiled conventions so ridiculous?"
> I didn't mean to imply negativity, don't see humor as inherently
> negative, quite the opposite. I just meant that in Sin City, comic and
> movie, Miller pushed the conventions of the genre to a point of
> absurdity (any genre's conventions would be exposed as absurd when
> pushed far enough), and that I found that a lot of fun. But I felt I
> was laughing along with Miller about a genre we both love, absurdity
> and
> all. I count myself among those who laughed with the movie, and that
> was part of my enjoyment. Are you really saying you found the movie
> entirely seriously, did not laugh while watching it?
> As for The Spirit movie, thanks for pointing that out to me. I'm not
> sure Miller is right for Chandler (though I'm not as convinced he's
> wrong as many here do), but I could see him being a good match for The
> Spirit, especially if he goes for Eisner's graphic look. Wonder what
> he'll do with/about Ebony.
> Mark

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