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Date: 29 Oct 2007

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  Don't know if Sean Penn's new flick, IN THE WILD, has been bandied about here, but my wife and I saw it this morning, and liked it. Eddie Vedder's song tracks were an extra bonus. I'd read the story in an Alaska magazine back in the 1990s and the flick pretty much follows the true story.

Is it Alaskan noir? Beats me. But it's pretty hardcore.


I loved the film. I had just read the book on the way to Alaska for Bouchercon and saw the film three days after my return, so I might be a little biased, but I was with him every moment. Sean Penn's direction filled out what was lacking in the book, which was a little thin on emotional impact by nature of the fact that it was reporting. The film certainly qualifies as noir if you go for Jack's definition: screwed. It has a character who works extremely hard to become a loser, and from the start we know that's the only way his psychology will take him. Vicki

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