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Date: 28 Oct 2007

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> > And 300 was much the same, all fat and precious little meat. Except 
> > it added the gay element. So homophobic 14-year olds could look at 
> > naked sweaty, well-built men and not have to wait for football 
> > season. It's got to be about the gayest straight movie ever made.
> As a gay man on the list, I have to wholeheartedly agree with this.
> Not only is the movie homoerotic in its every sinew and fiber, it even
> presents competing gay styles for your delectation (the
> hypermasculinized, six-pack-abs, pseudo-leather-bar style of the
> Spartans versus the simpering, multiply-pierced, heavily made-up,
> party-boy dance-club style of Xerxes and his entourage).
> Previous holder of the "gayest straight movie ever made" title: Top
> Gun.
funny, but true. and of course 300 is homoerotic. it's about Sparta, for pete's sake. inventors of the term "Spartan Revelry" which is simply a euphemism for a buncha guys wanking each other
> I also have to agree about the homoerotics of football. One of the
> funniest bits I have ever run across on the Internet is this
> observation by Noah Diamond:
> "Football and homosexuality - just something I like to point out. I
> have no problem with football, and I have no problem with
> homosexuality - I just have a problem with the fact that the obvious
> link between these two things is so rarely advertised. Football wears
> the cultural mantle of the ultimate heterosexual machismo trip -
> something straight guys love, and something many straight guys feel
> only a gay guy would dislike. But that's a lie. What football actually
> represents, I think, is the acceptably mainstream expression of the
> heterosexual male's closeted obsession with homoeroticism. Say it with
> me. There is nothing gayer than football. You'll never see a ballet,
> for example, more homoerotic than a football game. Never! Go to a
> ballet, and men are dancing with women; go to a football game, and men
> are patting each other on the ass. Which is the least of it. Fuck,
> I'll bet most gay porn isn't as homoerotic as a football game - that
> testosterone-dripping event in which a bunch of big, strong guys line
> up, bend over, jump all over each other, and then go take a shower
> together."
I'm sure he wrote this before he ever saw a UFC mixed martial arts bout in the Octagon. sweaty, muscular guys wearing nothing but tight shorts, clenching each other between their legs or from behind, beating the living shit out of each other

John Lau

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