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From: foxbrick ( foxbrick@yahoo.com)
Date: 28 Oct 2007

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> I have a permanent warm spot in my heart for Harlan Ellison dating
> from the day I found his 1960 Ace Doublebook on the rack at
> Drug Store in Stockbridge, Georgia. On one side was his novel THE
> MAN WITH NINE LIVES and on the other a short story collection A
> TOUCH OF INFINITY--all science fiction. What made the collection
> different was the inclusion of individual story introductions by
> Ellison for each short story.
> It was the first time I felt connected to a contemporary writer--
> connected to his thoughts and goals in each story.

I had a similar experience as a kid, picking up my father's copies of PARTNERS IN WONDER and AGAIN, DANGEROUS VISIONS...the window given into the lives of Ellison and the other writers waas often as compelling, occasionally moreso, than the fiction the prefaces and postscripts were wrapped around. Isaac Asimov, as he was quick to note, did something similar (as occasionally did Theodore Sturgeon) with collections and anthologies at about the same time, even a bit earlier, but no one did so with quite the same panache that Ellison did.

Todd Mason

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