RARA-AVIS: Sci-fi as in hi-fi

From: Juri Nummelin ( juri.nummelin@pp.inet.fi)
Date: 28 Oct 2007

I've always thought that "sci-fi" sounds bad to some people because it sounds like "hi-fi".

Now, in Finnish "sci-fi" is actually pronounced "skiffy", which version I've seen some English-speaking people use.

As for Noir Science Fiction, there are noirish elements in some of Harry Harrison's novels (for example the first Stainless Steel Rat book). Other writers who I feel have written noirish stuff include Robert Sheckley and Algis Budrys. There might be more in the paperback SF of the fifties and sixties. (If no one has yet answered this, A Plague of Pythons is by Frederik Pohl.)

Leigh Brackett might be more hardboiled than noir - she's certainly a very good writer of tough action conducted by lone, cynical men.

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