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From: Kerry J. Schooley (
Date: 27 Oct 2007

At 01:46 PM 27/10/2007, Kevin wrote, re Sin City:
>So perfect for the fourteen year olds that make up the so much of the
>movie-going audience.

Thanks Kevin. I haven't been called a 14 year old for 44 years.

>I don't know... SIN CITY looked cool, but to me it was just a
>pretentious comic book (OOOH, black ink!) turned into a pretentious
>cartoon, PULP FICTION meets Bugs Bunny, but without the wit of
>either. Would either the graphic novel or the film of SIN CITY have
>survived as a straight prose story, without the visuals?

Isn't that sort of the point? I took the movie to be the new millennium's equivalent of what was once called "camp," a sort of surreal self parody. I loved watching Mickey Rourke play a role that appeared to me to be an ideal of his own public image, drawn to the extreme and illogical end. My impression is that the movie did the same to the hardboil genre itself. Sort of a slap in the face to fans like us that this is what we enjoy and take seriously, to which our only logical response must be to laugh and ask, "Is that all you got?"

Same time, these circumstances drawn to extremes sometimes provide insights, I think. Nearly all the women in the flick are prostitutes, and all are wet dreams. Reminds me that at one time women pretty much had only three options in life- to be housewives/mothers, nuns or prostitutes. Now many have won the right to do what most men get to do in life: sell their time, minds and bodies for the profit and pleasure of others.

>And 300 was much the same, all fat and precious little meat. Except
>it added the gay element. So homophobic 14-year olds could look at
>naked sweaty, well-built men and not have to wait for football
>season. It's got to be about the gayest straight movie ever made.

Well, there's an insight. Funny, too. I wonder if as many of my fellow 14 year olds are sweating over their sexual identities after seeing 300 as hardboil fans are sweating over the revelations to come about what it might mean to enjoy Chandler.

What the hell, Kerry

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