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Date: 26 Oct 2007

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> Ed Gorman wrote:
> Backing up what Todd Mason said about Brackett could
> write and Cooper couldn't...at least one other person
> agrees with us. Ever read Mark Twain's relenetless
> remorseless parody/sacking of Cooper's writing?
> **************
> Twain could just have easily have panned Shakespeare.
> Twain represented a revolution in American style, but
> his themes are built upon Cooper's.

Well, no, Mike, Twain wouldn't've had quite as easy a time with Shakespeare, because Shakespeare wasn't as blatantly incompetent a writer as Cooper...even WS's dullest surviving work is better- crafted than the examples of clumsiness and lack of thought Twain was able to pull out of Cooper's major works without breaking a sweat. And to suggest that Twain's work owes much to Cooper's is about like saying that Ross Macdonald owes a huge debt to Carroll John Daly. They touch on some of the same themes, but the more recent guy would've done just fine if the elder had never existed. Twain owed a lot more to Irving, without owing that much to him, either.

And NO GOOD FROM A CORPSE is not Brackett's best writing by me, no. You don't yet have a sense of what she was able to do, if that's your only exposure to her work. Still, it beats the Hell out of THE LEATHERSTOCKING TALES for me as an esthetic experience, but De Gustibus.

Todd Mason

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