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From: William Ahearn (
Date: 26 Oct 2007

--- Nathan Cain <> wrote:

> Cooper is not a great American writer.He was one of
> the first American
> writers, which is why he is famous. The quality of
> his work doesn't really
> enter into it. Hawthorne and Melville Yes. Poe,
> Yes. I'll even make room
> for Henry James, if someone wants to make a case for
> it, but Cooper, no.

Huh? You'll make room for Henry James? I'm not interested -- for the most part -- in the work of James but as a stylist and as a technician he kicks Poe's butt. I'd rather read Poe than James but for all that dismissing James is a tad glib and reactionary. His subject matter is not on topic, as it were, yet it's silly to demean James in a post that looks historically at American writing. The real question is whether James will make room for you.


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